Impact Innovation

This programme will assess the impact of new interventions and policy options across a range of policy areas.

The Impact Innovation sub-theme seeks to provide policy makers and development actors with a better understanding of change, why change is or is not happening, under what circumstances, and for which groups of people. With a particular focus on the challenge of evaluation in complex and sensitive contexts, the sub-theme will develop and test a variety of new methods as well as explore the use of existing methods in new ways and new contexts.

Methods and practice papers

The methods and practice paper series provides evaluation practitioners and researchers with access to relevant new ideas and methods, as well as reflections from the field of development evaluation. Four method and practice papers will be delivered per year, comparing, reflecting and assessing the use of different evaluation methods.

Intervention assessments

A major aspect of the work under the Impact Innovation sub-theme is the design and implementation of nine assessments of interventions. The interventions to be assessed will emerge from the work of the grant’s six policy themes, and the assessments will be undertaken collaboratively with the theme teams and partners. These assessments will provide tested, innovative, approaches for evaluating policy contributions to more complex and longer term change processes.

Project details

start date
1 March 2013
end date
1 March 2016


About this project

Recent work

Working Paper

Impact Evaluation when N=1

CDI Practice Paper 4

A common presumption holds that when there is only one unit of observation, such as in the case of a national-level policy or a small scale intervention, causality cannot be established and impact evaluation methods do not apply.

9 July 2013