ICTD Research In Brief 11

Aid and Taxation: Exploring the Relationship Using New Data

Published on 1 April 2016

This ICTD Research in Brief is a two-page summary of ICTD Working Paper 21 by Oliver Morrissey, Wilson Prichard and Samantha Torrance.

This series is aimed at policy makers, tax administrators, fellow researchers and anyone else who is big on interest and short on time. This paper examines cross country evidence concerning the relationship between aid and taxation using a new dataset. It finds no support for the claim that aid reduces tax effort.

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Morrissey, O., Prichard, W. and Torrance, S. (2016) Aid and Taxation: Exploring the Relationship Using New Data, ICTD Research in Brief 11, Brighton: IDS.


Wilson Prichard

IDS Research Fellow and ICTD Chief Executive Officer

Oliver Morrissey
Samantha Torrance

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