Frontiers of CLTS: Innovations and Insights 8

CLTS and the Right to Sanitation

Published on 1 March 2016

Lack of sanitation impacts on the rights to life and health, the right to education (through loss in school days, particularly for girls), and the right to dignity.The purpose of this issue of Frontiers of CLTS is to examine Community-Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) in light of human rights.

It asks: Do the principles and practices of CLTS reflect and promote a rights-based approach to sanitation? In what specific areas do they do so? What areas of CLTS practice raise concerns about actual or potential incompatibility with human rights? Through this issue we hope to give a fuller understanding of human rights for CLTS practitioners to help improve practice.

This publication is available in French and Portuguese (pdf).

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Musembi, C.N. and Musyoki, S.M. (2016) ‘CLTS and the Right to Sanitation’, Frontiers of CLTS: Innovations and Insights Issue 8, Brighton: IDS

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Musembi, C.N. and Musyoki, S.M.
Frontiers of CLTS: Innovations and Insights, issue 8


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