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Resources, Conservation and Recycling 146

Degrowth within – Aligning circular economy and strong sustainability narratives

Published on 1 July 2019

This perspective calls for building greater understanding of overlapping and conflicting considerations between the sustainability principles that inform current conceptions of circular economy and degrowth.

We contend that scholars and practitioners need to be pragmatic and to recognize evident ideological differences, but simultaneously to acknowledge beneficial similarities and complements. The common aim of both frameworks – to change business-as-usual and to enable human society to operate within ecological planetary boundaries – will likely engender opportunities to formulate new solutions. Management of the inherent tensions, such as the scale and scope of rebound effects, will continue to pose challenges. However, with thoughtful dialogue, commitment to respectful discourse, and more refined articulation we are confident that progress will be made. By building on synergies and seeking holistic strategies, the academic community, along with its transdisciplinary partners, can advance strong global sustainability efforts.


Patrick Schröder

Research Fellow

Magnus Bengtsson
Maurie Cohen
Paul Dewick
Joerg Hoffstetter
Joseph Sarkis

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Resources, Conservation and Recycling, volume 146


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