Rising Powers in International Development: An Annotated Bibliography

Published on 1 January 2013

This annotated bibliography is intended for a global audience of policy-makers, students, academics and researchers. It should enable quick and easy familiarisation with the major English-language literature on the Rising Powers’ impact on development, with links to websites and summaries for reference.

Research on this area is always being produced, and we don’t claim that this is a comprehensive guide. Although we have only been able to refer to work published in English, we are actively seeking work published in other languages for future bibliographies. We do hope that, with its limitations, this guide provides a useful overview of key research in this emerging field. Our programme has identified six thematic areas and this guide has been divided accordingly into separate chapters for each theme.


Research Officer

Elise Wach

Research Advisor

Lizbeth Navas-Aleman

Honorary Associate

Jennifer Constantine

Policy Engagement and Research Consultant

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Younis, M., Constantine, J., Wach, E., Yadav, A., Navas-Alemán, L. and Shankland, A.


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