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Lizbeth Navas-Aleman

Honorary Associate

Lizbeth is an IDS Honorary Associate.

A socio-economist with extensive experience in the field of international development. Lizbeth carries out academic research, training and consultancy on private sector development, industrial organisation and innovation in Latin America, Asia and Europe.

Clients include the Inter-American Development Bank, ILO, Ford Foundation, UNIDO, UNDP, ITC, UNCTAD and government agencies in developing countries. Academic contributions involved advancing measurement tools for governance and upgrading attainment of developing country firms and clusters operating in global and national value chains; highlighting the role of domestic markets in the acquisition of higher value-added capabilities (marketing and branding); proposing ‘multichain’ strategies for increased competitiveness and analysing ways to enhance the impact of donor-led value chain programmes on poverty alleviation.

Currently undertaking research on the financial and innovation processes needed to upgrade developing countries’ position in value chains. These projects focus on light manufacturing in China as well as natural resource based and IT industries in Latin America. Teaching and training both postgraduate students and development practitioners.

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Business and Development Centre

The Business and Development Centre (BDC) brings together thinking from business, economics, political science and development studies to tackle critical questions on the role of business in development, focusing initially on agriculture, food and nutrition, the green economy and public health.


Rising Powers in International Development Programme

The Rising Powers in International Development programme is developing an evidence-base around the role of rising powers (including the BRICS countries) in development and will be producing practical policy guidance on effective approaches for engaging with them.



Lizbeth Navas-Aleman’s recent work


Business, Markets and the State

The debate on the role of business, markets and states in development has a long history, marked by divergent and often strongly held perspectives, but also relatively rapid shifts in understanding about what is feasible and desirable. Only two decades ago debates were framed in terms...