Sexuality and Poverty Synthesis Report

Published on 19 May 2024

This report synthesises learning from these audits and is part of a larger project that focuses on understanding the links between sexuality, gender plurality and poverty with the aim of improving socioeconomic policy and programming to support people marginalised because of their sexuality.

The project was instigated as a result of earlier research by the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) Sexuality and Development Programme and partners. This research indicated that sexuality is directly related to physical, social and economic wellbeing, political participation and socioeconomic inclusion and the realisation of human rights, particularly for the poor and most marginalised (Jolly 2006; Armas 2007; Jolly 2010). The sexuality and poverty audits which were conducted for this project purposely set out to interrogate sites of development policy that were not explicitly linked to sexuality.

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Hawkins, K. Wood, S. Charles, T. He, X. Li, Z, Lim, A, Mountian, I. Sharma, J (2014) Sexuality and Poverty Synthesis Report, IDS Evidence Report 53, IDS: Brighton


Stephen Wood

Research Officer

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Hawkins, K., Wood, S., Charles, T., He, X., Li, Z., Lim, A., Mountian, I. and Sharma, J.


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