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Rajith Lakshman

Research Fellow

Rajith W. D. Lakshman is a financial economist by training with a PhD focused on stock market inter-linkages.

His subsequent work, however, has mainly focused on conflict, poverty and development within the specific areas of migration (forced and voluntary) and statelessness. He has experience in working with international and national organisations such as International Labour Organisation, Plan International and UK Home Office, performing research and policy advice work.

He has performed quantitative and qualitative analyses of household livelihoods in conflict and disaster affected areas where migrants have been forced into stateless communities. His work has been published in the form of peer-reviewed journal publications and book chapters, working papers and project reports.

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Impact of Debt on Sustainable Reintegration Outcomes

Debt and migration can be linked in a host of ways. Debt or indebtedness itself may serve as a motivator for a person to migrate, migrants may use loans to finance cross-border travel, and remittances are often sent to repay household debt. A body of research already surrounds indebtedness,...


Big Data for Development Studies (BIDDS): An Innovative Methodology

This project seeks to make a foundational methodological contribution to the analysis of big data for development studies. Big data has revolutionised the natural sciences (and commerce), however its use within development studies has been comparatively limited. This is despite a clear...


Inclusive Urban Infrastructure

International agreements, such as UN Habitat’s New Urban Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, seek to ensure that urban growth in as inclusive as possible. Yet cities are notoriously unequal places. Security of tenure both shapes and is shaped by state decisions to extend...



Making use of big data to inform policy: Lebanon case study

Lebanon, crippled by the continuing financial crisis; soaring poverty; a refugee crisis; deteriorating public services; deep political instability; the Covid-19 pandemic; and the last straw a month ago, the devastating 4 August blast and the tumultuous string of events that followed, is a...

7 September 2020



Independent Evaluation of UNHCR’s Emergency Response to the Rohingya Refugees Influx in Bangladesh August 2017– September 2018

UNHCR Evaluation Report;ES/2018/08

The evaluation of UNHCR’s response to the Rohingya refugee emergency in Bangladesh follows on from the declaration of the Level 3 (L3) emergency for Bangladesh, effective 19 September 2017. It is undertaken in line with UNHCR’s revised Evaluation Policy approved by the High Commissioner on...

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27 April 2020

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