Programme Partnership between Irish Aid and IDS on Social Protection and Food Security and Nutrition

The Programme Partnership between Irish Aid and the Institute of Development Studies focuses on two priority themes – social protection and food and nutrition. The collaboration brings together research and capacity development with policy, programmatic and influencing know-how to support action that more effectively reduces poverty and injustice.

Overall aim

To enable development efforts and partners (Irish Aid and KPCs) to be more effective in developing policy and programmes on social protection, food security and nutrition, and other emerging priorities, by bringing together cutting edge evidence and learning.

Areas of Work

Work will involve a flexible combination of four types of activity and output, including:

  • Producing high quality research and evidence
  • Moving evidence into policy and practice through high quality, targeted outputs including publications, events and online communities of practice.
  • Rapid response including briefings and help desk enquiries
  • Learning and capability-building

For further information about the Programme Partnership, please email Oliver Burch

Project details

start date
1 September 2017
end date
31 August 2020


Supported by
Irish Aid


Image of Carolina Szyp

Carolina Szyp

Research Officer

Recent work


Building Back a Better World – the Crisis and Opportunity of Covid-19

IDS Bulletin 52.1

The current global pandemic of Covid-19 is a health crisis of massive proportions that has also accelerated a series of other crises, threatening livelihoods, economies, and societies. Many of the responses and reactions to the pandemic are exposing, and potentially deepening, foundational...

29 March 2021


Irish Aid and IDS partnership: Building Back Better

The Programme Partnership between Irish Aid and the Institute of Development Studies focuses on two priority themes – social protection, and food and nutrition. During the Covid-19 pandemic this collaboration has resulted in critical reflection and learning to help shape our response and...

9 October 2020


Gender Equality and Building Back Better

Positioning Paper

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected men and women differently, exacerbating existing gender inequalities across a range of areas including health, education and livelihoods. Globally, women and girls are also experiencing increased levels of gender-based violence. The pandemic has highlighted the...

1 October 2020


Governance and Building Back Better

Positioning Paper

The pandemic is in many ways a crisis of governance. Its magnitude and mitigation are determined by the nature of policy responses and crisis management by leaders and governments, and existing socioeconomic inequality has led to a disproportionate impact on some groups.

1 October 2020


Food Systems and Building Back Better

Positioning Paper

Measures that have been put in place across the world to slow down the spread of coronavirus (Covid-19) have had profound effects on food and nutrition security for those furthest behind.

Image of Ayako Ebata

Ayako Ebata & 2 others

1 October 2020