Tomorrow Today

Tomorrow Today is a horizon scanning programme designed to support the preliminary but systematic exploration of new and emergent policy issues. Tomorrow Today provides a mechanism to think systematically about future opportunities and challenges.

In a complex and dynamic world emerging trends, issues and crises have the potential to impact significantly on development processes, and thus on lives and livelihoods. Effective short- and medium-term horizon scanning is thus essential. New tools, approaches and methods are needed to allow governments, donors, NGOs and businesses to scan, to act and to measure impact.

Tomorrow Today includes the following projects:

Convened by Jim Sumberg

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start date
1 March 2013
end date
1 March 2016


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Recent work


What Drives Wind and Solar Energy Investment in India and China?

IDS Evidence Report 87

This research is motivated by the need to transform the basis of energy systems from fossil fuels to renewable sources. As well as the imperative of climate change, this transformation is needed to create development trajectories for economies that are genuinely sustainable over the long term....

31 July 2014