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Int J Health Policy Manag.

Addressing Malnutrition: The Importance of Political Economy Analysis of Power

Published on 16 December 2020

The exercise of power is central to understanding global health and its policy and governance processes, including how food systems operate and shape population nutrition. However, the issue of power in food systems has been little explored empirically or theoretically to date.

In this article, we review previous work on understanding power in addressing malnutrition as part of food systems that could be used in taking this issue further in future food systems research. In particular, we examine why acknowledging power is vital in addressing food systems for better nutritional outcomes, approaches to assessing power in empirical research, and ways of addressing issues of power as they relate to food systems.

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Walls, H.; Nisbett, N.; Laar, A.; Drimie, S.; Zaidi, S. and Harris J. (2020) 'Addressing Malnutrition: the Importance of Political Economy Analysis of power', Int J Health Policy Manag., DOI: 10.34172/ijhpm.2020.250


Nicholas Nisbett

Research Fellow

Jody Harris

Honorary Associate

Helen Walls
Amos Laar
Scott Drimie
Shehla Zaidi

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