IDS Policy Briefing 123

Towards Mutual Learning with the Rising Powers

Published on 1 September 2016

Mutual learning is emerging as a new way of talking about the ‘how’ of development cooperation, particularly in contexts of rapid change, with countries increasingly recognising that they have much to learn from each other’s experience.

Achieving the promise of universal development within the ambitious and complex framework of the Global Goals agreed in 2015 will require much more systematic and strategic efforts to learn from and share the development policy innovations of rising powers such as China and Brazil. This should include exploring opportunities for other countries to engage with the rising powers’ experiences through more structured processes of mutual learning.

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Constantine, J.; Bloom, G. and Shankland, A. (2016) Towards Mutual Learning with the Rising Powers, IDS Policy Briefing 123, Brighton: IDS


Jennifer Constantine

Policy Engagement and Research Consultant

Gerald Bloom

Research Fellow

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Constantine, J., Bloom, G. and Shankland, A.
IDS Policy Briefing, issue 123


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