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Imogen Bellwood-Howard - Post Doctoral Researcher

Rural Futures

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Imogen’s research focuses on food systems, and she has worked extensively in West African urban and rural agricultural settings. Her recent work has addressed the African Green Revolution, soil management practice, fertiliser credit, urban agriculture and food systems, and knowledge construction between farmers, researchers and extension agents.

Imogen is currently working on the links between poverty reduction and groundwater use in East and West Africa, within the GroFutures project. She also supervises research activities in the UrbanFoodPlus project on West African urban agriculture. Beyond African agriculture, she maintains wider research interests in the connections between environment, society and sustainability, consulting on food waste research and having worked on the CHARM and Sustainable Communities projects into sustainable household and community energy use.

Imogen’s interdisciplinary research approach draws on environmental geography, with influences from agroecology, socioecological systems thinking, science and technology studies, political ecology and practice theory. As an interdisciplinary researcher, she uses qualitative as well as quantitative and participatory methods.

Throughout her work, Imogen has been dedicated to dissemination and stakeholder engagement, most recently by facilitating policy dialogue processes on agriculture in West African cities. With local partners she has made several Ghanaian-language training, documentary and feature films on agricultural themes, exploring the crossover between dissemination and popular culture.

GroFutures is a 4-year interdisciplinary research project aiming to develop the scientific basis and participatory management processes by which groundwater resources can be used sustainably for poverty alleviation in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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Thematic Expertise:
Agriculture; Environment; Food Security; Science and Society.