Humanitarian Learning Centre

The Humanitarian Learning Centre (HLC) brings together accessible, operational learning with academic insights to enable more effective humanitarian response. 

‘Hurricane Tomas Floods Gonaives’, United Nations Photo, CC-BY 2.0

HLC objectives:

  • Enable access to relevant, scalable, and outcome-focused learning resources for enhanced operational effectiveness.
  • Co-create world class research and innovative thought leadership for doing humanitarianism differently in protracted crises.
  • Facilitate systemic change in support of local responders’ increased participation in and leadership of humanitarian action.

The Director of HLC is Lewis Sida, an independent consultant.


Image of Ben Ramalingam
Ben Ramalingam

Research Fellow

Image of Brigitte Rohwerder
Brigitte Rohwerder

Research Officer

Image of Jeremy Allouche
Jeremy Allouche

Research Fellow

Image of Louise Oakley
Louise Oakley

Project Manager

Image of Stephen Devereux
Stephen Devereux

Research Fellow

Image of Tina Nelis
Tina Nelis

Learning Coordinator

Recent work

Working Paper

Disability Inclusive Humanitarian Response

HLC Operational Practice Paper 1

The World Report on Disability estimates that about 15 per cent of the world’s population have some form of disability, with disability prevalence likely to increase as a result of ageing populations and the global increase in chronic health conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease,...

1 December 2017