Sustainable Sanitation for All

Published on 1 July 2016

Describing the landscape of sustainability of CLTS and sanitation with reference to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and through examples from Africa and Asia, the book captures a range of experiences and innovations from a broad range of institutions and actors within the WASH sector, and attempts to make recommendations and practical suggestions for policy and practice for practitioners, funders, policymakers and governments.

The book is published by Practical Action and is available for purchase in hardcopy or as a free download by chapter. It is also available in French as a free download by chapter.

“… a state of the art check-in on the problems that we face and the solutions that have been found around the world. Every sanitation practitioner, indeed anyone interested in sustainable approaches to public health, needs to read this thoughtful book.” (Val Curtis, Director of the Environmental Health Group at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine).

“This book puts forward a mix of innovative thinking based on experience and evidence that is useful and relevant whether working with communities on programmes or with governments on policy.” (Sanjay Wijesekera, Chief of Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene, Unicef).

“The book tackles the next frontier: how to utilize the power of CLTS to create permanent facilities and improved service levels. The volume captures experiences and analysis which sorely need to be understood and built upon if we are to induce the much-delayed sanitation revolution that transformed life in Europe.” (Piers Cross, Senior Advisor to Sanitation and Water for All, former Global Manager of the World Bank Water and Sanitation Program).


Naomi Vernon

Programme and Communications Manager

Petra Bongartz

Research Officer

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Bongartz, P., Vernon, N. and Fox, J. (eds)


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