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Working Paper

Pathways Into the Tax Net: Better Ways to Register African Taxpayers

ICTD African Tax Administration Paper 34

Based on recent experience in a range of African countries, we list some taxpayer registration practices that should be abandoned or used sparingly, and some that should be used more widely, to better target registration on those businesses and individuals who should be paying tax.

24 May 2024


Digital Citizenship in Africa: Technologies of Agency and Repression

Since the so-called Arab Spring, citizens of African countries have continued to use digital tools in creative ways to ensure that marginalised voices are heard, and to demand for the rights they are entitled to in law: to freely associate, to form opinions, and to express them online without...

27 July 2023


Chronic Poverty Report 2023: Pandemic Poverty

  CPAN’s Chronic Poverty Report 2023: Pandemic Poverty produced by the IDS-hosted Chronic Poverty Advisory Network (CPAN), provides evidence and analysis on how policies and programmes shaped and were shaped by the Covid-19 pandemic. It aims to help decision-makers and multi-lateral agencies...

10 July 2023


Pathways to Equitable Food Systems

IDS Report

Globally, our food systems are highly inequitable. In a world with enough food, hunger is becoming normalised for large numbers of people, while diets are worsening and obesity is rising. Racialised minorities are more at risk from obesity than other groups; indigenous communities have...

Lídia Cabral
Lídia Cabral & 4 others

26 June 2023


Pastoralism, Uncertainty and Development

In the drylands and mountains where pastoralists live, uncertainty is everywhere. In these settings, negotiating access to resources, navigating volatile markets, making use of varying social relations in times of stress, and responding to conflict and complex political dynamics is essential if...

31 May 2023

Working Paper

Living Off-Grid Food and Infrastructure Collaboration: Concepts and Assumptions

Living Off-Grid Food and Infrastructure Collaboration Working Paper 1

This working paper is the product of the Living Off-Grid Food and Infrastructure Collaboration. It is designed to bring together our thinking on how infrastructure can shape the food and nutritional security of urban marginalised populations. Infrastructure assemblages include the material...

Jane Battersby
Jane Battersby & 13 others

23 May 2023

Working Paper

Are Digital and Traditional Financial Services Taxed the Same? A Comprehensive Assessment of Tax Policies in Nine African Countries

ICTD Working Paper; 162

This background report looks at tax implications for those providing and using digital financial services (DFS), and gives general observations as to whether DFS in Africa are taxed the same as traditional financial services (TFS). There is no categorical answer to this question. It varies...

Hannelore Niesten

10 May 2023

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