Conflict and Violence

Our work provides a nuanced and realistic understanding of the relationship between violence, conflict, security and development. It aims to help policymakers, practitioners and citizens to develop policies and practices that strengthen people’s efforts to secure their own lives and livelihoods and improve the functioning of political institutions responsible for security and the management and prevention of conflict, and for the development of peace.

We examine the multiple layers and contexts in which violence manifests – from household to state and global level – and pinpoint the links and overlaps between these layers. This includes exploring the nature of, and responses to conflict and violence in rapidly expanding urban areas.  We have a done pioneering work on the dynamics of micro-level conflict, violence and development as well as on citizen action in violent contexts. Our research on gender, men and masculinities and gender-based violence has provided new insights on how to change attitudes, norms and behaviours for equality, peace and justice.

Another focal area is the dynamics of policy processes around conflict, violence and security examining the key framing and narratives. We explore non-traditional forms of security, especially linked to water, energy, food and health as well as post conflict and state building issues affecting service delivery and livelihoods, and are also developing new participatory approaches to peacebuilding. 


Patricia Justino

Professorial Fellow

Rebecca Mitchell

Postgraduate Researcher and Programme Manager

Gauthier Marchais

Research Fellow

Jeremy Allouche

Professorial Fellow

Jeremy Lind

Research Fellow

Juan Carlos Muñoz-Mora

Post Doctoral Researcher

Marinella Leone

Research Fellow

Robin Luckham

Emeritus Fellow

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Upcoming Event

Pathways to Equitable Food Systems

Join the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and partners at the launch of Pathways to Equitable Food Systems, a new report by IDS. The report examines the extent to which power imbalances have resulted in certain groups being disadvantaged by unjust and inequitable food systems, based on...

27 June 2023

Upcoming Event

Backlash against gender justice globally: What does it mean for development?

A panel debate where the chair will engage a panel of international experts in a topical discussion on questions for development arising from a swell of anti-gender backlash across the world: ‘What is it?’, ‘How should development adapt?’ etc. The audience will be invited to ask...

13 June 2023

Upcoming Event

Communicating climate complexity: Arts and pedagogy

Climate change is complicated. So are the things we're doing about it. How might the arts help us to address that complexity? As educators and researchers in a university, how do we embed sustainability themes across our activities? As people on a planet, how do we talk and think about...

12 June 2023

Upcoming Event

Michael Lipton Lecture

The Department of Economics at the University of Sussex Business School and the Institute for Development Studies (IDS) are hosting a public lecture in honour of Professor Michael Lipton. This event celebrates the outstanding contributions that Professor Michael Lipton made to the Department of...

9 June 2023

Upcoming Event

After the UN Water conference: Examining the global dissonance

How did the latest UN Water Conference influence the progress of global water governance? Join us in a hybrid discussion of what matters! Global water and sanitation governance still have a long way to go before attaining the ambition of SDG 6 to "ensure access to water and sanitation for...

7 June 2023


Technology and Tax: Adoption and Impacts of E-services in Rwanda

ICTD Working Paper; 88

Many low-income countries are increasingly digitising their tax services, which can bring a range of benefits, from reducing compliance costs and improving record-keeping, to limiting opportunities for corruption and increasing fairness in the tax system. However, the success of these benefits...

5 June 2023


Podcast: Reframing climate and environmental justice

Questions of justice are relevant to all aspects of climate and environmental change, from how and where the impacts are felt the most, the allocation and prioritisation of funding, the type of responses that are considered, to how negative impacts can arise from mitigation, adaptation, or...

5 June 2023

Past Event

Global Tax Governance at a Crossroads

Background A century since the League of Nations first began to discuss international taxation, global tax governance is at a major inflection point. This year provides an unprecedented opportunity to debate what is needed from institutional arrangements, as well as the subject matter of...

From 5 June 2023 until 7 June 2023


Access to pastures in Northeastern Turkey: Auctions, bans, and interrupted pathways

Turkey hosts many mobile pastoral communities, most of which have become sedentary over the last few centuries. Even the most well-known mobile pastoralist groups still operating in the country often face obstacles to their movements, with consequences for livelihoods, animals and...

M. Fatih Tatari

2 June 2023


China and the fourth industrial revolution: a call for collaborative research

Recent blogs on this site have called for academic collaboration and policy coordination with China to address global challenges including climate change and biodiversity loss, pandemics and overuse of anti-microbials, and building sustainable food systems. Here we argue for the importance of...

Jennifer Holdaway, Affiliated Fellow, International Institute for Asian Studies, University of Leiden and Co-Director, Forum on Health, Environment and Development (FORHEAD)
Sarah Cook, Associate Researcher, Southern Centre for Inequality Studies, University of Witwatersrand and IDS Honorary Associate

2 June 2023


Conference to convene debate on the future of global tax governance

A century since the League of Nations first began to discuss international taxation, global tax governance has reached a critical juncture. As the OECD’s Inclusive Framework negotiations draw towards a conclusion, there is a sense that the decade-long experiment to reform international tax...

2 June 2023