Conflict and Violence

Our work provides a nuanced and realistic understanding of the relationship between violence, conflict, security and development. It aims to help policymakers, practitioners and citizens to develop policies and practices that strengthen people’s efforts to secure their own lives and livelihoods and improve the functioning of political institutions responsible for security and the management and prevention of conflict, and for the development of peace.

We examine the multiple layers and contexts in which violence manifests – from household to state and global level – and pinpoint the links and overlaps between these layers. This includes exploring the nature of, and responses to conflict and violence in rapidly expanding urban areas.  We have a done pioneering work on the dynamics of micro-level conflict, violence and development as well as on citizen action in violent contexts. Our research on gender, men and masculinities and gender-based violence has provided new insights on how to change attitudes, norms and behaviours for equality, peace and justice.

Another focal area is the dynamics of policy processes around conflict, violence and security examining the key framing and narratives. We explore non-traditional forms of security, especially linked to water, energy, food and health as well as post conflict and state building issues affecting service delivery and livelihoods, and are also developing new participatory approaches to peacebuilding. 


Image of Patricia Justino

Patricia Justino

Professorial Fellow

Image of Rebecca Mitchell

Rebecca Mitchell

Postgraduate Researcher and Programme Manager

Image of Gauthier Marchais

Gauthier Marchais

Research Fellow

Image of Jeremy Allouche

Jeremy Allouche

Professorial Fellow

Image of Jeremy Lind

Jeremy Lind

Research Fellow

Image of Juan Carlos Muñoz-Mora

Juan Carlos Muñoz-Mora

Post Doctoral Researcher

Image of Marinella Leone

Marinella Leone

Research Fellow

Image of Robin Luckham

Robin Luckham

Emeritus Fellow

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Upcoming Event

China’s development policy after the 20th National Congress

Professor Xiaoyun Li is currently a Chair Professor at China Agricultural University (CAU) and Honorary Dean of College of International Development and Global Agriculture (CIDGA). He is also Chair of the Network of Southern Think Tanks (NeST), and Chair of the China International Development...

15 December 2022

Upcoming Event

Art, environnement et activisme en Afrique

How can the arts be used in environmental communication and dialogue? We present experiences using arts-led deliberation from across Africa. Citizens, researchers, activists, policy actors, artists and others are welcome. Activists and policy actors in East and West Africa work to tackle...

8 December 2022

Upcoming Event

Sussex Development Lectures

Crisis, development and ecologies of the new commons

In response to acute crises and complex, long-term systemic challenges, structural violence, austerity and neglect, people around the world are coming together in commons. Communities of ‘commoners’ are reconfiguring relationships between society, technology and the non-human environment,...

7 December 2022


L’usage des arts pour le dialogue environnemental au Sahel

IDS Policy Briefing 205

L’art a été utilisé pour communiquer les préoccupations environnementales dans les pays sahéliens. Néanmoins, le dialogue dirigé par les arts entre les acteurs politiques et les citoyens est cependant rare, bien qu’il ait le potentiel de trouver des solutions aux problèmes...

1 December 2022


Evidence and learning into action: The impact of K4D

Over the past six years, the Knowledge, Evidence and Learning for Development (K4D) Programme has been providing evidence and learning support to the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), other government departments and partners. Since the programme ended in September 2022, there...

30 November 2022


Understanding interacting urban risks in Nairobi and Karachi

An elderly woman living in a low-income neighbourhood located along one of Karachi’s key drainage channels died when the roof of her house collapsed in July 2022. A landslide triggered by unprecedented monsoon rainfall was initially blamed. But her house was partially demolished in 2021 when...

28 November 2022


Religion, agriculture and market dynamics in Zimbabwe

The last blog offered a brief overview of different churches across our study sites. This second blog in this series focuses on their role in agriculture and markets, and more broadly rural livelihoods. Given their different histories, forms of organisation, finance and religious beliefs...

28 November 2022